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Nisai Global School - Singapore

Pathways to world-class education

Personalised support

Our dedicated teachers, form tutors, and the Customer and Student Support (CASST) team are committed to support students in achieving their ambitions through personalised learning outcomes. 

Distinctive British Education

Combines the best of British tradition with the future of education. We provide quality assured education, using the latest online learning platform in which subject specialist teachers deliver live lessons, set real homework and give real reports.
In 2019 and 2023, Nisai Virtual Academy was awarded the status of Inclusive School and Centre of Excellence by Inclusion Quality Mark.

Quality Assured Education 

Nisai is an approved Cambridge Internal Online School and delivers international qualifications including IGCSE and A Level.

International Curriculum

Why choose a programme of study
at Nisai Global School Singapore? 

Our classes have no more than 15 students ensuring effective care and support to each child whilst they study with classmates from other countries.

Small class size & multicultural experience

Real-time interaction and live class with
subject specialist teachers.

Learn from certified teachers 

Not restricted by age, students are assessed and graded according to their competency and have the chance to finish high school by the age of 16. 

Competency-based placement

Access to extracurricular activities and opportunity to develop leadership skills to develop the whole learner, personally and academically.

Holistic and inclusive approach to education, and a wide range of academic capacity

With optimal study time, students have many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and experiences. 

Flexible study time

Receive care, support and direction from the Student Wellbeing Team

Overall care

Quality Assured Education
delivered by Nisai 

''The lesson format is highly engaging with the teacher displaying high levels of empathy towards all students and specialist knowledge."
- IQM, 2023-

 Academic Courses

Nisai Global School provides internationally recognised qualifications and a high standard of education for pupils aged 11 to 18. Education starts with lower secondary leading to IGCSE, AS and A levels.
  • IGCSE qualifications, the worlds most popular international qualification, recognised by leading universities.
  • Subjects include: Mathematics, English, Science, Business Studies and Sociology.

Upper Secondary (IGCSE / O levels)

Comprises of Years 10 and 11

  • Help learners to develop deep understanding and independent and critical thinking skills in a wide range of subjects.
  • International AS & A Levels are recognised by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and by leading universities in the UK and internationally.
  • Subjects include: English Language, Mathematics, Sociology and Economics.

Advanced (AS & A levels)

Comprises of Years 12 and 13

  • Development of foundation knowledge in a range of subjects before choosing their IGCSE subjects. 
  • Subjects include: Mathematics, English, Science and ICT.

Comprises of Years 7, 8 and 9

Lower Secondary

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In addition to academic studies, students can enrol on to our skills programmes that can form part of our extracurricular activities.

Skills Development

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(ESOL International)

Designed to support learners emigrating or working in an English speaking country or who simply wish to learn English as a new language.

International Leaders

Focuses on developing communication for leadership throughout all its activities supporting their success and development across their learning and career journey.

Sustainability Projects

Skills-based programme places academic study into a real-world context, focused around the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Units of Sound

Supporting students in the development of skills in reading and writing whilst building skills in independent learning. 
An English language immersion programme blending best of class products and services to support those learning English or those with low levels of literacy.


A programme to assist learners in their ability to read and write resulting in an improvement in self-confidence and greater engagement.


House System
Inspired by the traditional house system found in British schools, students are divided into virtual houses which connect pupils and staff beyond their academic studies.

Social Clubs
The Chill Out Zone is a safe place where learners can join social clubs including robotics, art club and a literary magazine.
Project-Based Learning
21st-century approach based on the 4 C's, including Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.
Beyond the academic programme, pupils can engage in a variety of co-curricular activities that develop character, foster friendships and promote leadership and personal fulfilment.
This will support the growth of a well-rounded individual by encouraging them to develop not only their academic skills during their time with us but also skills which will be required as they continue through their education and employment journey. 

Extra-curriculars  at Nisai Global School

Nisai can support a fully blended learning experience with studies carried out online and additional support and courses are provided direct by an authorised Nisai Learning Centre.

Blended learning

A Nisai House is operated by a school’s learning co-ordinators and is a setting where students can learn in groups.

Study in groups

Our students actively study at home or anywhere there is an internet connection. They will always get the support and care as if they were at a physical school.

Study at home

We realise that the world is changing faster than ever. To be able to keep up with this change, every student should have the most appropriate approach and environment to study effectively to maximise their full potential.

Diverse Learning Approach

Nisai Global School provides flexible options for student to enroll.


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Part-time / Single Subject

1-3 subjects in Lower Secondary
1-3 subjects in International GCSE,
or 1-2 AS or A Level Subjects


4 subjects in Lower Secondary
4+ subjects in International GCSE,
or 3+ subjects in AS/A-Level

Graduate with International University Entrance Standards
Certificate for each subject
All students will be eligible to receive their NGS transcripts (school reports/grades), which can be sent directly to the school and/or to the universities/colleges they apply to.
Access to the Chill-out Zone, Well-being Centre and pastoral care
We have a dedicated and knowledgeable support team who will be able to discuss the best educational solution for you, whether you’re contacting us on behalf of a school, local authority, as a parent or student.
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Our Student Stories

"She loves studying with Nisai as teachers usually call her name. She loves studying live lessons with teachers more than studying via recordings as she can feel the emotions of the teacher during the class. She remembers everything the teacher said in class."
Truong Gia Bao Anh (CEFR A2)
"The lessons are short enough so they can focus and at the same time long enough so they can memorize it. Nisai’s teachers teach really well. Prior to the class, there were certain parts that they didn’t understand. But things turned after the class."
Rinrata (NS3)
Lee Jie Yu (NS1)
"She loves Nisai and loves working on the homework. She actively finishes the homework without reminders from mom."
Osten Cristo (NS3)
"He learns so much despite being with Nisai for only 1 week. The lessons are easy to follow. The teachers explain everything in details."

About Nisai Group

Established in the United Kingdom in 1996, the Nisai Group is a provider of programmes to support lifelong learning. With a focus on transforming the education landscape through blended and differentiated learning, Nisai believe that every student has equal value and should have access to quality education, no matter what background they are from.

Nisai Group is offering flexible, innovative educational programmes to learners and supporting them to achieve their goals and follow their chosen pathway whether that be staying in education or progressing in to the workplace. With the involvement of the Nisai Professional Development Institute Nisai now supports learners from primary school age in to adulthood and the workplace.

Nisai Global School (NGS) operates within the Nisai Virtual Academy (NVA) which is a Department of Education (UK) approved specialist institute to support learners with special education needs. We are a fully interactive, online educational institute, delivering quality assured home education for pupils aged 11-18.

NGS offers a complete secondary education online. We provide everything that you would expect to find in a traditional school from subject specific lessons, homework and assignments; to house groups, clubs and even end of term reports.




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